Environmental Commitment

The commitment to the environment is a priority objective in the field of Saggas Social Responsibility and is part of day-to-day management of the regasification plant. Our business focuses on the unloading, loading, transit, storage, regasification and transport natural gas, energy currently plays a key role in the global energy scenario. It’s an energy with a clear role for sustainable development for their contribution to reducing emissions and complementarity with renewable energy.

The environmental policy of the European Union has taken strong measures to reduce emissions of gases that produce the greenhouse effect and is firmly committed to energy sources with less environmental impact, such as natural gas, which stands out as the source of energy Fossil has known the biggest breakthrough since the 70s and now accounts for over a fifth of world energy consumption, the report BP Statistical Review of World Energy.


To respond to European and global guidelines for energy management criteria and contribution to sustainable development, Saggas has a tool, the Saggas Management System, which allows the full set of joint initiatives that the company undertakes in this field .

Since the construction phase, care and environmental protection have resulted in various environmental monitoring programs and surveillance programs of air emissions, noise impact of the activity, control of discharges and water quality of the medium marine, among other requirements. In addition to meeting the criteria and legal regulations, infrastructure performs environmental training schemes to staff management, development and dissemination of information on environmental management, promoting visits to environmental concerns, continuous information to contractors and introducing criteria of sustainable mobility within plant, among other initiatives.

Saggas was the first regasification plant in Spain to obtain EMAS registration, voluntary regulations of the European Union which recognizes organizations that have implemented an environmental management system and have made a commitment to continuous improvement. Part from the beginning of the Valencia Foundation for Environment and has received, among other awards, the Valenciaport Foundation Award for Best Environmental Management.

We understand that energy is an essential part of economic activity and in all societies and, therefore, their development must be planned and responsible

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