PayaSOSpital launches Charity Calendar 2013

Valencia, 9th November 2012. PayaSOSpital released 2013 a Charity Calendar sponsored by several companies, among which is Saggas. The calendar will self-finance part of the programs developed for this non-profit association in several hospitals in the Valencian Community.

Each month the PayaSOSpital 2013 Charity Calendar is illustrated with a photograph of one of the clowns visiting children in hospitals. Mina Mercromina Nurse, Doctor Ambulancio, Dr. Paquita Tirita, or Dr. Zirujuana Nillo are some of the funny characters that appear to pose. This year they have released two versions: a regular desktop and another in a larger format to hang on the wall. Both will be offered through a volunteer campaign in hospitals where PayaSOSpital conducts its programs.

For over thirteen years, PayaSOSpital has being working in Valencian hospitals to develop  artistic interventions of professional clowns, in order to dramatize the medical environment, make hospital stays more bearable for children and support the work of health workers caring for young patients.