Social Responsability

Saggas maintains a firm commitment to society that is based on the overall integration of all of its activities under operational codes covering moreover ethical principles of business management, criteria of responsible action with all persons and groups with which Saggas maintains relationships (shareholders, suppliers, customers, the environment, employees, etc.). SAGGAS strongly condemns any illegal behavior in addition to contravening legal provisions, is contrary to ethical principles, which are configured as key values of the Company to achieve its business objectives. The main priority to Saggas is to ensure that the provision of regulated activities within its social objectives is done in relation to objectivity, transparency and non-discrimination. Saggas Social Responsibility covers four broad areas: the transparent business management, human resources, the natural environment and the conditions in which it operates.

The company has supported since its inception, initiatives that promote economic, cultural and social development of “Sagunto” and the region of “Camp de Morvedre” and, by extension, the society on the whole.

Due to this, Saggas has created different channels of communication with institutions, entrepreneurs, universities, associations, schools and other groups pursuing the same purpose. Its link with the environment in numerous concrete actions within Social Responsibility, are integrated into the day-to-day business.

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