A commitment to the environment

The Corporate Social Responsibility is the set of ethical, social and environmental commitments that a business project voluntarily takes on as it feels itself to be an active part of society and, therefore, wishes to contribute to its economic and social progress and consequently to the improvement in the people’s quality of life. The set of Social Responsibility activities undertaken by Saggas are a response to our firm social and environmental commitment. The commitment to the environment is the main objective in the field of Saggas’ Corporate Social Responsibility. The environment is a fundamental part of economic activity and the social life of any society and, therefore, energy development has to be undertaken in a planned and responsible way.

Our environmental commitment focuses on:

a) Scrupulous fulfilment of international, national, regional, and local legislation: This attitude is in line with our culture of fulfilling all the legislation applicable to our business activity, especially that legislation aimed at protecting the environment (Declaration of Environmental Impact, Authorisation for Pouring Water into the Sea, Emission of Greenhouse Effect Gases,…)

b) Collaboration with Public Administrations: To lend support to the different public administrations in the search for solutions to environmental problems. To collaborate in activities, the fundamental aim of which is to preserve and care for the environment.

c) Taking on management, handling and production criteria that reflect a commitment to the environment: The commitment to adopting the necessary measures to prevent any risk of environmental pollution, or to minimise its effect in the event that it does arise, in accordance with that established in international standards and those of our country. The implementation of good environmental practice systems in the development of our activity, which includes keeping an eye on our supplier’s respect for the environment and ensuring that our employees behave in a way that reflects our commitment. Promoting information, education and environmental training among our public and society in general, and collaborating with the organisations involved in this task, whether public or private, in the field of our activity.

Environmental Statement

Carbon footprint: Saggas commitment to environmental sustainability

The calculation of the carbon footprint of the Saggas plant, verified annually since 2014 (with base year 2013) according to the UNE-EN ISO 14064 standard, is another step in Saggas carbon strategy.

Evolution of the Carbon Footprint of Saggas

2013 2014 2015 2016
Emissions reach 1 47.250 48.163 2.184 1.162
Emissions reach 2
6.216 3.638 6.349 5.904
Total emissions (range 1 + 2) 53.466 51.801 8.534 7.066
Emissions avoided 6.772 6.023 3.049
Cumulative avoided emissions 2014-206 6.772 12.795 15.844

* Data in tons of CO2

* Data verified by AENOR according to the UNE-EN ISO 14064 standard

Access the AENOR Certificate

Access the Verified Emissions Report for the period 2016 and the Verification Statement of AENOR

CO2_C 2013

CO2_C 2014

CO2_C 2015

CO2_CR 2016

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–  VI Environmental contest of SAGGAS: “Our natural parks”

The sixth edition of the Environment contest aimed at employees and their families has as purpose the natural environment of Sagunto. Under the slogan “Our natural parks”, the contestants had to present photographs about the protected natural spaces of Sagunto and its surroundings.

The contest consists of three categories: those under 10 have participated in the mode of drawing and those over 10 years and workers have done in the mode of photography. The prizes have consisted of technological objects such as smartwatch and tablet, as well as solidarity gifts from UNICEF. We take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation and congratulate the winners.

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