Process Control

Saggas assures the quality of the whole productive process and is committed to improving processes on an ongoing basis, identifying and eliminating possible fault causes and enhancing the effectiveness of the management system. To fulfil both goals, Saggas systematically defines and reviews its improvement objectives, boosting prevention versus correction. Therefore, Saggas ensures:

  • Compliance with general regulations in force and more particularly with any regulation relative to environmental management, safety and prevention of serious accidents, taking into consideration future legal progress in the planning of its activities, as well as any other requirement.
  • The detailed analysis of processes, substances, facilities and procedures, in order to identify and assess possible environmental risks and aspects, to reduce the likelihood of accidents as much as possible, to prevent pollution, and to improve environmental conditions at work. Special attention must be paid to possible modifications such as new projects, extensions, specification changes, etc.
  • The promotion of research, development and the use of clean and safe technologies in our processes, taking into account the best techniques offered by technological breakthroughs.
  • The maintenance of its facilities and the implementation of regular checks, taking as a stating point those laid down by the regulations in force.